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Swiss employer

We make the doctor willing to change, able to change
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The advantage of the Helvetia Med® license system …

For the employer this lies in the increase in quality, quantity and faster availability.

On the one hand, this is achieved by a detailed requirement profile, through which the actual need can be depicted precisely. In addition, the licensed partner can personally discuss and clarify all of the employment and contract-related features in advance, more precisely and individually, through the active and trained physician placement service.

This prevents unnecessary interviews for the employer and gives the doctor a confidential insight into the infrastructure, the business areas and the philosophy of the future employer, which cannot be viewed and assessed via the anonymous digital job advertisements.

On the other hand, all activities to coordinate an early change of the suitable candidate are outsourced, which is associated with a cost and time saving for the employer. Optimal addressing and filtering of suitable candidates in Germany also takes place through a proven, functionally functioning, interdisciplinary and thus innovative network (doctors, clinics, health professionals, associations and representatives, universities, sports scientists and physiotherapists / osteopaths, health centers, other medical associations and billing offices, lawyers and notaries, tax advisors, corporate and financial advisors, banks and funding agencies, new media, digital marketing etc.).

The license system creates a much better market access through direct and personal contact by the license partner in Germany. The previous anonymous route via digital media between the employer and the employee will be replaced by the creation of a personal basis of trust – right from the start. Suitable doctors are addressed personally based on the results of the network or through their own interest and all contract-relevant details are discussed in advance precisely and individually.

In the case of resident doctors, this means that advice and assistance in the implementation of the necessary measures (practice sale, living situation, pension scheme, etc.) is provided.In the case of salaried doctors, support is provided on request for negotiations with the employer (resignation, termination of contracts, pension insurance / pension scheme), with the help of a suitable specialist lawyer from the network of consultants.

These procedures also have the advantage that suitable and ready doctors are available in a timely manner before there is a need – with the explicit requirement profile – for the employer.

Performance Check:

We offer better market access through central, organized and active acquisition with our license-based placement system.

Advantages for the employer:

  • detailed requirement profile/ actual needs are depicted precisely
  • all activities to coordinate an early change of the suitable candidate are outsourced (cost / time savings)
  • optimal communication and filtering of suitable candidates through existing networks
  • initial events (road shows) not required
  • no time pressure during informative or initial discussions
  • increases in the areas of quality, quantity and quick availability
  • database with qualified, important professional and personal insider information

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