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Before starting medical work in Switzerland

At the request of those involved, Helvetia Med supports the doctor and the employer in the individual contract negotiations. Helvetia Med sees itself as a neutral trustee of both parties and will strive for a positive agreement, taking all interests into account. The contractual sovereignty of the parties is of course preserved.

As a full-service agency, it is responsible for all the needs of the mediated doctor.
In addition to the negotiations described above, this includes e.g. also the takeover of the entire re-location service:

  • support in finding housing
  • looking for a job for partner
  • school registration for children
  • opening an account with a Swiss bank
  • Swiss registration formalities

On Request:

  • mediation of trust services
  • capital and wealth formation, insurance and supply
  • consulting, as well as coaching and structuring the negotiation in case of practice takeovers, and if necessary, when establishing a new practice

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