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About Us


Who is the Helvetia Med AG?

Helvetia Med AG was founded by leading experts from the Swiss and German healthcare markets with the aim of stabilizing and supplying the future personnel requirements of the Swiss healthcare and care system through innovative concepts.

The existing, unique and worldwide network of service providers and partners from the fields of medicine, consulting & finance, media, education, which was built up and maintained through more than 20 years of intensive networking, forms the basis of the innovative and realisable power of Helvetia Med AG.

In 2016, a very successful and rapidly growing license-based doctor placement system was set up by German doctors in Switzerland. This is characterised by significantly better market access and a unique win-win situation between doctor, employer and licensee and has revolutionised the previously passive and unsuccessful doctor recruitment market.

In addition, Helvetia Med AG sees itself as a full-service agency for foreign (German) and Swiss personnel in the medical field.

Why was the Helvetia Med AG founded?

Due to the many years of experience as an employer in the field of physician recruitment, the cooperation with recruiters and the leading digital platforms, a restructuring of the market was necessary.

Due to the company’s own expansion (Ärztezentrum Deutsch Schweiz AG) and the constantly increasing demand from all Swiss employers for suitable staff, new approaches had to be taken due to the lack of effectiveness of doctor recruitment.

To this end, after extensive consolidation talks, Helvetia Med AG was founded as a joint base of operations for the leading employers involved.


Innovation –
Bi-national cooperation

The successful placement of suitable doctors willing to change often failed due to the ability to change (practice transfer, practice dissolution, practice loans, long-term contracts, private property, professional or school environment of the family etc.).  That is why the merger took place with the company Premium Med, one of the leading service providers in the field of consulting doctors and clinics in Germany.

Premium Med provides the extensive know-how acquired through its many years of experience in successful business and entrepreneurial advice – the joint implementation of an innovative and efficient medical agency. By answering the explicit questions and creating solutions, the basis for the feasibility of a professional change is created.

The result of this binational collaboration is the unique Helvetia Med® license system.